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Past Talks

Khawaja Shams

SaaS Multitenancy at Scale

Originally aired

4/18/24, 7:00 PM

Khawaja Shams shares Momento's approach to multitenancy at scale, offering key strategies and insights for SaaS success.

Liz Fong-Jones

Understanding Cost-per-tenant Inside A Serverless SaaS Application

Originally aired

4/9/24, 5:00 PM

Join Liz Fong-Jones to explore building serverless SaaS apps, focusing on cost-per-tenant optimization and effective cost attribution in serverless environments.

Anubhav Sharma and Ujwal Bukka

Architecting and designing a SaaS solution comes up with its unique set of challenges.

Originally aired

4/4/24, 7:00 PM

Join Anubhav Sharma and Ujwal Bukkaas as they dive deep into the architecture of a simple SaaS application, built using AWS Serverless services.

Omid Eidivandi

A Look Into CloudEvents - The New Standard For Event-Driven Architectures

Originally aired

3/28/24, 7:00 PM

Discover how the CloudEvents standard is normalizing event-driven architectures by providing a uniform way to describe event metadata.

Matt Martz

Your AWS Account is Talking. Time to Listen.

Originally aired

3/21/24, 7:00 PM

Did you know that AWS services publish events in your account automatically? Discover how to tap into them to take your apps to the next level.

Zied Ben Tahar

Building an Event-Driven GenAI-powered Video Summarizer API

Originally aired

3/14/24, 5:00 PM

Join us for an exciting talk by Zied Ben Tahar, Principal Architect at AVIV Group, as he covers how he built an event-driven service that uses generative AI to summarize videos.

James Eastham

Buckle Up, We're Getting Event Driven

Originally aired

3/7/24, 6:00 PM

Join us for a session with James Eastham, Senior Cloud Architect at AWS, as he talks about building event-driven applications — a key trend in building modern, serverless software. James will break down what it means to go event-driven, why it's useful, and what you might have to give up to get there.

Luc van Donkersgoed

How PostNL Found Success Embracing Serverless in the Enterprise

Originally aired

2/29/24, 8:00 PM

Hear the story of how PostNL "stands on the shoulders of giants" to successfully embrace serverless, innovate at scale, and process millions of events a day.

Almir Zulic

AWS Organizations in Practice

Originally aired

2/27/24, 8:00 PM

Hear from Almir Zulic, Senior Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru, as he shares practical, tried-and-true advice on how to succeed with AWS Organizations.

Marcin Sodkiewicz

Serverless at 30,000 ft

Originally aired

2/15/24, 7:00 PM

Learn about RyanAir's migration to a serverless-first mentality with Marcin Sodkiewicz, Principal Software Engineer, as he recounts the operational efficiencies and cloud strategies of one of Europe's largest airlines.

Ben Pyle

Observing a Serverless Electronic Health Record

Originally aired

2/8/24, 6:00 PM

Come learn about the three pillars of observability and how to apply them in a serverless design.

Allen Helton & Andres Moreno

Seriously, What Does Serverless Really Mean?

Originally aired

1/18/24, 8:00 PM

Hear from Allen and Andres on what serverless really means. Does it mean Lambda? Or is it a simple marketing term? The serverless community wants answers, and Allen and Andres are poised to share the truth.

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